'Grandmother's Victory: Remembrance Of A Puerto Rican Childhood'

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Growing up with the Latino culture, my mother would tell me stories so that I would behave. The first story that comes to mind is of “El Cucuy” a creature that would kidnap kids who misbehaved. Just how my mother used stories to keep me and my siblings in line, the author 's parents/guardians from “Silk Parachute”, “Grandmother 's Victory” by Maya Angelou, “Salvation” by Langston Hughes, and “Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood” by Judith Ortiz Cofer had their own methods to raise them. I believe that all four essays reinforce, relate, and overlap each other because the outcome of each story is to show how a parent/guardian has an impact on a child’s life by showing them life lessons. “Silk Parachute”, “Grandmother 's Victory”,
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In “Grandmother’s Victory”, Angelou looked up to her Grandmother because of she handled the situation with the “powhitetrash”. When the children are teasing and disrespecting her family in their own store she gets very angry and expresses how she would like to resort to violence. She said “I thought about the rifle behind the door, but i knew I’d never be able to hold it straight, and the .410, our sawed-off shotgun…”(pg.14 p.19) On the other hand, her grandmother would hum religious music and patiently wait for the children to leave instead of letting them get the best of her. By Angelou’s Grandmother reacting to the “powhitetrash” the way she did, she showed Angelou that not everything has to be solved by violence and to be the better person. In “Salvation”, …show more content…
Mcphee’s Mother does what she can to protect her son from harm and sadness. When a well known publisher gives him harsh advice on his manuscript his mother went on a rant saying, “Don’t listen to Alfred Knopf. Who does Alfred Knopf think he is, anyway? Someone should go in there and k-nock his block off.”(pg.185. p.17) His mother immediately went against the publisher because no matter what, she would stand by her sons side. When Angelou’s Grandmother is being insulted by the “powhitetrash” she ignores them and takes the higher road.higher road. Instead of fighting with them, her Grandmother stood there and hummed religious songs and properly said goodbye to them when they left. Not many people would step down from a fight and then treat their aggressor with respect afterwards. Cofer’s Grandmother is looked up to by the younger generations of females because she has the most experience in life and helped guide them with her cuentos. Hughes aunt who took him to church because she believed he had jesus in him. Although, his aunt caused him to lose his faith in Jesus, she took him to church because she believed it was the right thing to do. Each of these essays contains a female guardian that guided the authors. As a result, all four authors respected and looked up to these

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