Grand Scale Wedding Case Study

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In this era, weddings are set to be celebrated in a grand scale because that is the norm of society. It is set to be a good way to celebrate love. This lavish of extravaganza weddings are more common in Asian countries as compared to other countries. Why are these so? Is it not a mere waste of money? There are a few factors that one believe it’s best to celebrate their wedding in a grand scale.

According to Boo-Su Lyn from Malay Mail Online (2014) that has interviewed Dr. Farah and a few other people regarding why they had a grand wedding is mainly because of social status. These people are required to maintain their social class by having grand and amazing weddings. These people mentality has been set that wedding scale correlate with their social status. It is commonly unacceptable for high status family to have small weddings. As per mentioned by Dr. Farah in the Malay Mail Online (2014) interview, she comes from a family of doctors and to have a small wedding would create unnecessary questionings and even assumptions from people. Not forgetting that most Asians come from a big family, it seems close to impossible to
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Reason being is because for me, even by having small cheap wedding, you can celebrate love. A wedding is for one, not for the society. It’s to celebrate one’s love not theirs. Trying to please everyone is not how one should live life. Not to mention, in the end of the day, the debts burdens will not be cared by the society. Ask yourself if all the burden and misery for years in the future worth it just to show off for one day? Obviously, no.

In conclusion, it is best said that couples that are planning to get married should consider a few aspect of their life before deciding to spend lavishly on a one day event. It would be wise to have a small and simple wedding to celebrate love with close family and friends than to go all out and suffer in the

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