Grand Canyon University 's Mission And Vision Essay

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Grand Canyon University is as a private Christian university founded in 1949 by the Southern Baptist Church (Helfers, 2000, n.d.). GCU’s was in Prescott and then moved to Phoenix. According to Gonzales (2015), GCU was in crisis and became a two billion dollar institution after Brian Muller took over as GCU’s president and CEO (p. 47). GCU’s facilities are expanding, programs are accumulating and enrollment is increasing with it’s intentions to help and guide students. Grand Canyon University’s mission and vision, four pillars, and doctrinal statements are the key fundamentals for students to exceed their educational goals. GCU allows diversity by leading and providing an excellent education for students with an emphasis on a Christian belief (Helfers, 2000, n.d.). GCU has stolen Phoenix’s heart with their recognized values. Grand Canyon University mission and vision statements are the key fundamental for student’s success in achieving their goals. GCU is committed to Christian values by guiding and providing education with Christian culture. Grand Canyon University’s mission statement constructs students to become global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible leaders. Global Citizens comprehend and compliments people’s point of views. Critical thinkers are people who pursue knowledge in finding a resolution and not a problem. Effective communicators are people emerging communication skills by writing and speaking to perceive others.…

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