Grammatical Criticism Essay

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Register to read the introduction… This is Grammatical Criticism. " Grammatical criticism is concerned with the meaning of the words in their combination in sense units. Grammatical criticism may be thought of as the set of skills and disciplines through which the exegate seeks to re-create and enter the original thought world and linguistic frame of reference of the text(Hays p. 54)" This means that this part of exegesis is concerned with words in their context to the rest of the scripture.

Another important fact of biblical exegesis is the literary criticism. This looks at the composition, structure, and rhetorical style of the text. "Literary criticism refers to the process of determining how the style and form influence how it is to be understood. Literary interpretation is the process of determining the literary quality of a writing by analyzing its genre, structure, and figures of speech and how those factors influence the meaning of the text(Zuck p.124)."

Roy Zuck defines tradition criticism as the customs gap. " Great differences exists between the way people in the Western world do things and think and the way people in the Bible lands lived and thought. Therefore it is important to know the cultures and customs of peoples of Bible times. Often faulty interpretations stem from an ignorance of those customs(Zuck p. 16)." This type of criticism is very
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The Bible has been a major source for Israel researchers. The Bible gives many stories of the history of God's holy city. The Bible covers a great deal of its focus on earth has been the city of Israel. Some researchers are forced to look toward the Bible to find out facts about Israel. Various secular researchers scoff at the Bible's history, but the truth is that if they searched the Bible they would find all the places and times to be exactly correct. Then to focus all the credit on them instead of God's holy, inerrant Word. Along with the historians the archaeologists are finding that lost cities that could never be found before are being found by using directions found straight from the Bible. A recent finding that shocked the world and the archaeological community was the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This proved that the Old Testament could be proved by ancient manuscripts. Archaeologists can either prove or try to disprove the Bible with their findings. In the end they find out that the Bible was right and cannot be disproved. Each case must be looked at differently and from a different exegetical stand

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