Gramicidin Research Paper

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There were several types of antibiotics that have a structure similar to that of a crown ether and one antibiotic that has a structure similar to crown ether would be gramicidin. Gramicidin works against gram-positive bacteria but it doesn’t work against gram-positive bacilli. It also works against select gram-negative organisms.
In the year 1939, René Dubos discovered the gramicidin antibiotic.1 Gramicidin contains a mixture of three antibiotic compounds, gramicidins A, B and C and with its discovery it lead to the restoration of the stalled interest in penicillin and it started the era of antibiotics. Gramicidin
The therapeutic use for this this antibiotic was topical application. There were several medications that contain this antibiotic
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This medication was used to treat eye infections that were caused by certain bacteria. In each milliliter of this product contained 1.75 mg of neomycin sulfate, 10,000 units of polymxin B sulfate, and 0.025 mg of gramicidin.5 For application of these drops to the eye the user must first have clean hands to avoid contamination. Also the user should not touch the dropper tip or let the tip touch the eye. If the user wears contact lenses then they should remove them before applying this medication. Insert the drops into the eye every four hours or as directed by the physician. After the drops have been applied the dropper must be discarded and replace with each use. The drops must be used at the same time each day.6 The most common side effects seen with using this solution was blurred vision, severe dizziness, rashes, an itching sensation, redness, swelling, and other signs of irritation within or around the eye. Some side effects that were not commonly seen with taking this solution was burning or a stinging sensation.5 If the user missed a dose they should immediately take the dose. If it was almost time for the next dose, skip the missed dose and continue on with the regular schedule. User should not double up on the dose to try to be back on schedule. This medication should be stored at room

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