Gram Negative Unknown Lab Report Essay examples

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Gram Negative Unknown Lab Report

BIOL 3444-008
Giang Nguyen
TA: Malini Kotak

Abstract The experiment is conducted in order to identify a randomly given unknown gram-negative microorganism. By comparative analysis of biochemical tests that were performed throughout the semester to find out its characteristics and determine the identification of bacterium out of four potential unknown was given. To figure out the characteristics, T-streak was performed to isolate the sample from broth to a Tryptic Soy Agar plate, along with an additional slant in case something wrong with the original plate that can possibly affect the result. The gram-stain process of colonies then reveal its shape and morphology, using aseptic technique the sample were inoculated in different media and incubated in 37 C room and stored in 4 room depended on each corresponding time. The biochemical tests include: triple-sugar iron agar (TSIA), sulfur indole motility (SIM), methyl red (MR), voges-proskauer (VP), urease, gelatinase and citrate, the given unknown bacteria #20 was found to be Klebsiella aerogenes.
It is important to know the identity of microorganism, there are many reasons from knowing the infectious disease and accurate treat to further use and developing of antibiotics. Also apply in food and medicine industry, research about the origin and relation between organism and so on. This study was conducted using techniques that have been learned so…

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