Graham Young: The Teacup Poisoner

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Graham Young, also known as the Teacup Poisoner was born Sept. 7th, 1947. At the early age of 14, in 1961, Young started to test poison on his own family. After doing so, Graham’s stepmother would soon pass away. Young was put into a mental hospital for criminals after admitting to poisoning his own family. He was free after nine years. However, being put away was no help for this young man. Graham began to poison again!
Early Years: Graham never knew his mother. Three months after giving birth, his mother died of tuberculosis. Fred Young, Graham’s father, was overwhelmed and devastated. Fred put Graham into the care of Winnie. Winnie was Graham’s aunt. Not only was Graham given away, but he was also split up from his sister. His sister
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This place knew of Graham’s hospital stay, but had no idea of his history with poison. Taking drinks from Graham raised no suspicion, because they were not aware. When his boss came up ill with cramping and dizziness there was still no suspicion. They blamed it on a virus known as the bovingdon bug. This virus made people have similar symptoms! Bob would get better when not at work, but as soon as he returned to work he became even more sick. Bob Egle died July 7, 1971. However, his cause of death was not being poisoned. what had been recorded is that Bob had died of …show more content…
He was arrested November 21, 1971. Young admitted to poisoning. Graham Young’s trial initiated June 19, 1972. He caught charges this time. He was charged with two counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and two counts of giving out poison. Graham pleaded not guilty. Graham was loving the media attention that went along with his trial. However, he really did not like the name they gave him “The Teacup Poisoner.” Graham thought it was too closedminded and that it depreciated his skills and knowledge. On June 29, 1972 Graham was found guilty. He received four life sentences. Graham Young was placed in Parkhurst prison. Parkhurst prison is a maximum-security facility. Young died on August 1, 1990. He died in his cell at the age of 42. His cause of death was heart failure. The infamy of Young brought to attention the usefulness of thallium as a deadly poison. Graham had been through so much so young and it really took a toll on him. He didn’t get the bond with his mother and when he finally did form a bond he was taken away from it. He developed very unusual behaviors and was diagnosed with psychopathy at a young age. Graham became fascinated with murders and became obsessed with poison. It was only a matter of time before he began to

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