Essay on Graffiti : Harmful Or Art?

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Graffiti: Harmful or Art? As you travel around your city, you may see colorful splashes breaking the tan surfaces of the buildings. Some of the colors seem to spell out obscenities, while others look like art. A picture taken by Tom Fox for the Dallas News called “Deep Ellum Art” showcases this art. A mural of two hands and cacti and black and white outlines of people are shown through the shadow of a fence. These commissioned, legal “graffiti” works, range from elephants to a Texas flag. However, if you looked around your city and saw a spray painted Texas flag under a bridge, your first thought would not be ‘art’. Just because it was painted illegally does not change the fact that it is art. While graffiti is usually associated with drugs, gangs, and violence, most graffiti artists are not a part of that (“Good Graffiti”, 2011). Painting via this medium is usually a way a coping and a way of avoiding substance abuse. Being a graffiti artist does not necessarily mean that you are a criminal. People paint on buildings as a way of expression, as a way to inspire people. Larger scale graffiti works are usually personal, and are even done on buildings with the owner’s permission. Graffiti should not be immediately viewed as vandalism; instead graffiti can actually improve the morale in cities and even reduce crime. The main argument against graffiti is the the ‘broken windows’ theory. This theory says that if police only focus on larger scale crimes such as robbery,…

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