Graffiti : A Controversial Form Of Street Art Essay

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Graffiti: A Controversial Form of Street Art
While walking down the city street with a friend you find yourself stopped at a crosswalk waiting for cars to pass by. As you are waiting, your friend points to a beautiful illustration depicting a meaningful message that was spray painted onto the side of an occupied building. Your friend continues to say how the graffiti on this building is a crime and the artist should not have gotten away with this vandalism. You personally disagree with her opinion and put the graffiti illustration into a different perspective by suggesting that if this particular illustration was taken off of this building and put into a museum is it art now? When your friend states that if the illustration was in a museum instead of on a building it would be art you then ask why. This question of why graffiti can be considered either an expression of art or a crime is very difficult to answer. Art in general means much more to some people than others which will only lead to conflicting opinions when this question is asked. To this day it is still commonly asked if graffiti is simply one of the many forms of public art or a crime that certain artists are capable of getting away with.
Not only do people label graffiti as vandalism or art, it can be a form of expression, a battle against politics and people who hold power, a rebellious act done simply for thrill, or even an individual’s career. All of these possible ways to categorize graffiti contribute to…

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