Essay Graduation Speech : You Usually Enjoyed Your Days

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You usually enjoyed your days. You were able to study whatever subjects made you happy, was relatively good at managing your time and getting work done, and did fairly well in your classes. While it wasn 't perfect, you were content with your life.

Except when it 's 9 in the morning and you have two lectures to get through after pulling an all nighter to study for an exam that ended up being rescheduled anyway. No, right now you weren 't content. Tired, yes, but not very content. You felt as if your eye lids were made out of lead and there was only one way you could see yourself surviving this day.

You pushed in the door to the campus coffee shop before walking in and heading to the line to wait for your turn. Looking around, you were a little envious of your fellow students who were just sitting and chatting with their friends, not seeming tired and actually looking good and non-zombie like

Damn them.

The line seemed to quickly shorten, meaning you were face to face with a man around your age. If you weren 't as tired as you were, you maybe would have been able to actually form a rather impressive order, which would have totally made the cute guy behind the counter go like 'Wow, you 're my type. Let 's date. ' But, since your brain was still trying to get over his brown eyes, you spoke before you could think of anything cool to say

“Just fuck me up.”

The man 's eyebrows rose before the corners of his lips lifted. A huff of laughter was his reply before he turned to a…

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