Essay on Graduation Speech : Writing Technique And Style

1384 Words Jan 25th, 2016 6 Pages
I have never really considered myself much of a writer. I have struggled coming up with ideas and topics to write about and because of this, I could never really find the passion to write. Intermediate Composition has helped me with my writing technique and style. After learning new skills, I can now use those skills to my advantage and put them into my writings. Before taking this class, the only other writing I did was essays for my other language arts classes. Some classes that I have taken in the past prior to Intermediate Composition were; middle school language arts, English 9, and American Lit. Some essay categories that I have written before were; argumentative, reflective, personal, persuasive, and definition essays. By taking these classes, it really helped shape me into the creative writer I am today. I chose to take Intermediate Composition because my tenth grade teacher, Ms. McDermott, suggested to me that it would be a perfect fit for me. She also told me that the class would develop my writing skills so I could use it to help write my college applications. Thinking back on what Ms. McDermott told me, I realize that she was right about what she said. However, coming into Intermediate Composition, my overall writing skills were decent but my grammar was poor. The reason for my poor grammar was because I never really practiced it that much and I soon became very lazy and relied on the computer to fix my errors. When it came to writing essays, I struggled to come…

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