Graduation Speech : Worth The Wait? Essay examples

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Worth The Wait?
Across the Nation there are less jobs and more people trying to obtain them, employers are making decisions and choosing from a certain number of candidates, having a college education will give an edge over a person who does not. College is the gateway to higher paying jobs in today’s economy and having a degree is a much needed attribute on any resume. College may be expensive however, it gives people an opportunity to learn about subjects of their choosing and meet new people creating experiences and memories that can greatly impact people 's lives. While the costs of going to college are extremely high and constantly rising, the relationships made and the doors opened by getting an education make college worth it.

According to Adam Hilliard (Select International) the average starting salary of a working college graduate with at least a Bachelor’s degree makes over $67,000 while a worker with just a high school diploma makes under $33,000. That is over $34,000 a year! even with the college debt and student loans those are 34,000 reasons to go to college. For the most part, people opposed to college are focused on short term benefits, without looking at the long term benefits of a degree. Starting salaries are normally based on experience, which comes over time, having a degree and actual job experience will result in higher pay. Someone without a degree on the other hand will not receive the opportunity to move forward like those with a degree.…

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