Graduation Speech : The World Progresses Competition Increases

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As the world progresses, competition increases and so does the misfortune of stress. My current class rank is four, and being in the top 1% of the class of 2016 is stressful. The class of 2016 is quite competitive, which is both a positive and negative thing. First and foremost, being competitive encourages the students to always strive for success and never to be denigrated. However, constantly being competitive often causes a person to overlook others’ feelings and other people 's’ need for help. To be honest, being amongst the top 1% puts you in the position of always striving to maintain or even improve your GPA, both collegiate and ranking, while you have fellow classmates around you sitting and waiting like predators for you to make a mistake or accidentally make a low grade on a major grade. I too have been a predator, however I have changed my attitude and my decision making skills. Having had the opportunity to engage in Advanced Placement and Dual Credit classes, has enlightened and matured me tremendously. I am a diligent student and dedicated most of my free time to studying and reviewing to improve my performance and my grades in my weaker subjects such as Chemistry and U.S. Government and Politics. In addition, I help my fellow classmates in school, one example would be in Calculus. Math has always been my strongest subject so helping others with Calculus is self-rewarding, even though I completed that course last year. I try my best to always clarify the…

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