Graduation Speech : The Teacher Essay

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The teachers I was fortunate to work with were all very different from each other, of the four I worked with at were different grade levels and had different years of experience. They were all math teaching in middle school, the first I met with was Ms. Hall a seventh grade teacher in her second year of teaching, the second was Ms. Ambriz a sixth grade teacher with twelve years of experience on that same day I also visit Ms. Martinez eighth grade with more years than Ms. Ambriz and finally Mr. Bravo who was also a sixth grade teacher on his first year of teaching. When observing I was able to see all of them conducting various types of activities from reviews, group work, individual work and to the teacher teaching as a result I was also able to see the diverse ways they operate. While interviewing, the most common challenge about being a teacher for all the teacher was dealing with bad kids, most students are well behaved, but the few kids that are disruptive in class that prevent others from learning becomes very aggravating. They all had different approaches of dealing with their students, Ms. Hall had the best overall result with managing her class, but Mr. Bravo seemed to have the most difficulty of handling students. His method was pretty sloppy, for example a student was being too loud so the student first received a warning, the student was asked to move from the rest of the group to a separate lone desk in a corner but the student didn’t he would therefore he…

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