Essay on Graduation Speech : The Most Fundamental Level

791 Words Jan 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
On the most fundamental level, I suppose you could say that I am in your English 150 class to fulfill a requirement for graduation. I had an interest in improving my writing, particularly my basic grammar, and I would have likely been inclined to take this class anyway. Having a basic understanding of how to effectively communicate both in a discussion and on paper is an important skill for everybody, so it is no surprise this class is a requirement. In regard to my major, which is intended to be music theory, it soon becomes writing-heavy and I would definitely do not want to be less successful in my career because my writing was unorganized and was constantly violating simple rules of English. My formal writing experience has all come from a few A.P. English classes in high school. In both of those classes, I started fairly rusty in my organization, but was quick to improve and was able to receive high marks in the classes. These classes were focused on interpreting complex ideas from literature as well as writing thoughtful and well-organized papers on a wide range of subjects. Despite the high marks in these high school classes, there was definitely a feeling of “faking it” throughout each essay, and writing in a college level class is certainly an insecurity of mine. Like I have mentioned, I hope this class helps me to polish a lot of the glaring grammar errors that occur in my speech and in my writing. I also did some formal writing in an art history…

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