Graduation Speech : The Last Quarter Of The Year Essay

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The last quarter of the year is a highly stressful time of year. Between Fall festivals and Halloween to that New Year party, we jam pack activities into a short period of time. Often resulting in losing sight of the more important aspect of this time of year.

Indeed it is the same for me. Yet, I have the added measure that my business slowly begins building up steam as the season unfolds. By early December, the engine is wide open, steam billowing out in ever growing clouds, with an increasingly loud ROAR. It typically doesn 't slow down until mid-January.

your customers deserve your gratitude

Even with the numerous and varied events happening, I still want to carve out time for showing my gratitude. Because early on, I learned that expressing gratitude should be our main focus at this time of year. Yes, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but STOP for a minute and let’s remember why we show gratitude at this time of year.

Your business customers deserve your gratitude

outside the box

I like to do and think outside of the box. As long as my intention is there - it is better to try and fail, then fail to try.. or as quoted by Yoda, Shatterpoint (A Star Wars Saga Novel).

[su_quote]“If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are … a different game you should play”[/su_quote]

Too often people have their heads down, plowing along and not looking up to even realize that the path they need to take is in the other direction.

Here are several…

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