Graduation Speech : The Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School

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At the Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School, one-hundred percent of the students that graduate go to some form of a four year college (“JCIB”). In life many jobs, including those of lower requirements, require candidates to have a college degree. From the fact that all of the students that graduate from this school go to four year colleges, if your child comes to this school he or she will get a degree of some form (“JCIB”). Due to all of the benefits that JCIB provides its students, such as better standardized test scores, more scholarships, a closer group of friends and many more invaluable life lessons, parents should send their kids to IB for a better all-around high school experience.
By giving your children the opportunity to go to the JCIB program, you are giving them the chance to reap many scholarships that can help pay for their college. These scholarships come from the increase in their standardized test scores that they are able to obtain at this establishment. According to the JCIB homepage, the average ACT score in the school is a 29. Now in comparison to this, according to the official ACT website, the average composite score in the whole state of Alabama is a 20.3, which is 8.7 points lower than JCIB. Based solely on the increased scores on the ACT test, colleges will give more scholarships to your students. According to the “Full Tuition Scholarships” article, the most common scholarships are merit based and are awarded based on ACT, SAT, GPA,…

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