Graduation Speech : The Future Essay

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The Future is in Their Hands
Imagine if life was planned out for them before they had the chance to discover it themselves, if someone else planned their life and their ending point before they could even talk. However, life is not that simple. Every student that graduates high school is nailed with questions like, “what is your plan”, “where are you going to school”, “what are you doing once you graduate college”, these question seem to never end. So they pack up their belonging and move to a college that they have chosen: one they think best fits them. They think they have their whole life planned out, but once they start classes and discover more about their career, their assurance seems to change. “50%-70% of students will change their majors at least once, most will change their majors at least 3 times before they graduate” (Career Services). Planning their future is frightening because there are so many options, several different paths and very pricey. However, all students can create a solid plan for their futures by networking socially, becoming organized, working hard and implementing their plans.
By networking within their career field they are allowing their name to be recognized and gives it access to the public. Networking can help speed up the process of finding a job within the field. Employers will see that they are interested and keep an eye out for them when they need to hire someone. “Start making connections as early as you can” (Wax). They never know…

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