Graduation Speech Test Scores And Its Effects On Society Essay

1382 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Communities do seem to pride themselves on how successful their students are, right? One might hear parents bragging to their coworkers about how achieved their child is. Perhaps one notices how colleges compete about being the number one educator. High schools pride themselves on their students ' success. Students are feeling the pressure for success all around, but for being around all these students who are doing as well as their peers, the pride and the bragging rights just are meaningless. If the school receives funding for better test scores, and the test scores are because the students try hard in school which is shown by good grades, then schools should reward the students for their good grades. Students are faced with many stressors because of school, so school should compensate students for the drain it causes on themselves. In today 's world, there are a plethora of stressors that previous generations did not necessarily have to stress over. Some stressors include the view that children need all of their time to be structured and scheduled with nearly no time to develop their sense of self. Being all that time is structured just like school, and is often run through school programs, it is almost like school systems are trying to have control of the students beyond their means. Let alone the fact that parents often times do this to their children to help their focus in school. School, intentionally or not, gets to absorbing nearly every aspect of a student 's…

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