Essay on Graduation Speech Test Scores And Grades

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1. Do you feel that your test scores and grades during high school accurately show your academic potential? Why or why not?
I believe that my test scores and grades during high school accurately reflect my academic potential. Having spent 10+ years at a small private school, the transfer from primary school to a large public high school was a major change for me. After the first year, however, I gradually adapted to my school setting and felt more comfortable in my classes and activities at Lowell.

2. Where do you plan to apply to college and why? What about college excites you the most?
I plan to apply to colleges that have an emphasis on Computer Science including the California Institute of Technology, USC, Harvey Mudd, Stanford, and multiple UCs and CSUs (CalPoly: SLO). The opportunity to not only learn more but also utilize the skills I have learned for a job in computer science excites me the most.

3. Do you have a major selected? Or are you considering a field(s) of study?
Through my prior programming experience, NSLC program, and programming/computer science courses at Lowell, I have decided to pursue a major in Computer Science/Computer Engineering. Computer Science is an ever-expanding field that requires lots of logic and creativity, both of which I greatly enjoy and hope to develop with a career in computer science. In ten years, I imagine myself working either for a software company or as an independent software designer. 4. Tell me of a time that you…

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