Graduation Speech : Teaching Math Essay

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When students rotated to the second station they were challenged to match vocabulary with definitions by piecing puzzle pieces together. As I teach math, it is easy to fall into the same pattern of drill and practice and expecting all students to demonstrate their problem solving skills through completion of math problems. As a special education teacher, within a math classroom, I constantly am thinking of how to accommodate all my students. However, after taking this course, it brought enlightenment of the different intelligences. This stations catered toward my linguistic and interpersonal learners. It allowed my linguistic learners to utilize the English language to demonstrate their understanding of the learned material and allowed independent time to work alone. My green students appreciated the activity because they were able to take their time, process the information presented, and pair the puzzle pieces together, allowing them to always see a better way to start and finish the puzzle.
The final station challenged my students to analyze a math problem and display the understanding of the process step-by-step using paper and pencil. The gold students in my classroom were excited to “show their work” and process of how to answer the question correctly by numbering each step in order to get to the answer. Again, my greens were able to work independently and analyze the problem at their own pace. This activity allows my logical-mathematical students to excel and…

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