Graduation Speech : Teaching Fourth Grade Essay

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Most people have had that one teacher whom they will never forget, the teacher who pushed them to become better and strive for something more, the teacher who sat with them for hours after school tutoring them in math and science, or the teacher who just simply took an interest in them and their well-being. Several of these memorable teachers happen to be fourth grade teachers. Teachers of the fourth grade have earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, plus mastered certain skills and abilities in order to teach the basic educational fundamentals and perform other crucial duties. Teaching fourth grade is an exciting career to have, since this is the time when teachers can really make a difference in a student’s life, because this is the time when children start to become individuals.
On average, teachers of the fourth grade typically work Monday through Friday from approximately eight in the morning until four in the afternoon. Teachers do however, spend a large amount of time during off hours performing other important duties. A majority of teachers have summers, weekends, and holidays off as do the students. This, however, depends on the state, district, and school in which the teacher works. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for an elementary school teacher in the state of Colorado is approximately $53,000 per year. Employment of elementary school teachers is projected to grow by 12 percent by the…

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