Graduation Speech : Teaching And Academic Achievement Essay

718 Words Feb 25th, 2016 3 Pages
Attending a predominately black school from elementary to high school I feel was not beneficial at all to compete with others on a post high school level, nor beneficial in getting students ready for the real world. I say this because, from as early as elementary I can remember the supplies, teachers, and the curriculum not being up to par as those of my friends who attend private school. Objects such as gym supplies, school books, and “the school itself”! Were old, tarnished and way past their replacement date. Why are these component’s important when it comes down to learning and academic achievement? None! Critics may say but, for the academic success of the student they are detrimental, because if these schools were up to date with newer learning materials the students may engage and communicate in class more and show intuitive to learn and explore new things. But, with these old materials being used in these school system as the one I grew up in displays that the School system doesn’t care nor takes consideration in the education of these students who attend predominately black schools. With the exception of a few admirable teachers who push their student to thrive for success, because if it wasn’t for teachers as such I probably wouldn’t be in college and had fall victim to the same world many of my former classmates are in, confused and lost not knowing where they fit in or are needed in today’s society As like the students from Kozol’s article being prepared for the…

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