Graduation Speech : Teacher Checks Essay

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The teacher checks role first thing in the morning while students are in their chairs completing bell work. All the students have assigned chairs, so the teacher looks around the room and if there is an empty chair then she asked if any of the other students had seen that child today, encase the student is still at breakfast. If no-one had seen that student, then he/she is absent. The students turn in their completed work to the trays labeled on the teachers’ desk. Each tray is labeled a different subject, so the students know what tray to place their work in. The teacher distributes the students work by having another student hand the papers out, by giving each group the papers and they pass them around, or if the papers already have names on them the teacher distributes. For missed and make-up work, the teacher has an absent folder on the door that the students check when they have missed a day. The student that was absent retrieves the papers with his/her name on them incase more than one child was absent. When a student needs to leave the room, they must use the hall pass. Students are not permitted to leave during instruction time, when they are working on an assignment, nor when another student is already out of the classroom. When the teacher needs to make an announcement or give an assignment, she has all students put everything down on their desk and look at her. Once everyone is looking, she will begin announcing to the class or assigning what needs to be…

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