Graduation Speech : Summer Vacation Essay

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I suppose that I must accept that summertime, and more importantly, summer vacation, has ended. Moreover, the summer’s cessation means that my senior year of high school has commenced. As in the past number of years, weekdays during the school year hold for me the essence of adulthood: routine. Every day, at five thirty in the morning, I awake to the painfully bright blue face of my alarm clock. The hammer-like strike of my fist upon the top of the device in order to silence clock’s incessant chirps serves as my form of revenge. I then shower, eat, and leave for school. This year, however, my schedule includes an amendment: after attending school, I will go to work. Of course, the addition of a job marks yet another milestone in my journey towards adulthood.
In fact, I only recently attained this new employment status. Though I had applied at Martin’s during the summer, Shelly, the hiring manager, did not contact me until around the start of the school year. Then, a couple of days ago, I finally went to Martin’s wearing a blue, store-themed polo shirt and a pair of Khakis, as well as an air of confidence, for my interview. That confidence persisted as I shook Shelly’s hand; while she looked at me rather indifferently, I recognized that she was the mother of a boy that I had known in grade school. We used to prank-call her. That realization only briefly concerned me, as I could tell that she did not remember me. The interview ensued, and it was not long into it before she…

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