Graduation Speech : Summer Of 2011 Essay

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Summer of 2011 was one of the most memorable summers of my entire life. First of all it was the year I graduated high school. Nonetheless as a senior in high school all you want is for it to be over. My last few months as a senior were tough for me. Some how I realize I did not want to interact with anyone. My anti social ways led me to not attend my senior prom. I regret! As the summer took off, as a normal newly high school graduate you’ll expect me to be out enjoying my summer with friends getting wasted, I mean that usually what high school graduates do, right? I was to busy dealing with a difficult situation.
I lost a very dear person in my life so unexpected, it hit us all like the freezing wind right after you walk out your warm house on a cold chilly winter day. At first I wanted answers. I asked God, why her? Why did you take her away from us? As days pass by I learned to live with her absence. Forever GONE. Gone. How could we live to experience something so hurtful? Will we ever forget? I thought to my self. Time will heal all wounds.
At the time my older sister was living at home while she finished school. She had recently started seeing some guy she met through Facebook, that was not the bad part, she then informed me that he was my age. I was in shocked when she told me since she is 5 years older then me. He lived in a small town west of Austin, which is roughly around an hour away from Austin. At first I thought this whole thing seemed pretty sketchy. In the…

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