Graduation Speech : Summer Education Essay

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Connor Stefanski
World Lit/Comp
Mrs. Bourdakos
September 4, 2014

Summer Education Essay

It 's 3:00 pm on a sunny June afternoon. Thousands of kids around the country have just been released from school a final time until the start of the next school year. They have just entered a time of the year full of oversleeping, daydreaming, and plain old laziness. Yes, this is a time of the year students everywhere have come to know and love. Yet despite how fun and care free these three months are, these three months are a perfect time for students to empty their brains of what they have learned over the past school year. This sets them up for a rough time when they enter school again in the fall, ultimately putting them way behind. As the years have dragged on, this has become more and more of a problem. Naturally, teachers are trying to combat this. This effort to keep students ' brains sharp in the summer, however, has created a deep division between educators nationwide. While some push for intensive summer programs, with some even wanting summer school, others take a much different opinion. This other opinion, you see, claims that summer is a valuable time for children, and it is meant to be a time of rest and relaxation. Eileen Fitzgerald wrote an article titled "Schools try to combat summer learning loss," which tells of the viewpoint of those in favor of intensive summer programs. On the other hand, Rich Albom writes an article…

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