Essay about Graduation Speech : Success And Success

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Fun to fun activities are great, but competition benefits students the best. It allows them to enjoy themselves while also learning great qualities to have in life. I believe students need to experience both failure and success below the age of eight, for life provides a constant winning and losing battle, so why not experience it sooner than later. Learning how to lose is important, it teaches good sportsmanship and makes a student strive harder to succeed the next time. Winning is just as important too, it teaches students to take pride in their accomplishments and that success is earned not given.
Some may argue everyone at a young age should be a winner so nobody feels hurt by experiencing failure. All students should feel like winners and receive an award for participation after every activity. Participation awards build up a student’s confidence even if he received a butt kicking and also encourage students to be involved in an activity. Participation awards are great in a way, but gives student the wrong impression about the real world. Experiencing failure hurts a student’s feelings and steers him away from trying. “Why would you want to hurt such an innocent little kids feelings.” is a famous line I have heard numerous times. People are told to guide them and hold their hand through elementary and middle school as if we were supposed to do everything for them. Seeing a child cry after a lost hurts me but is bound to happen. We may be hurting students now, but they…

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