Graduation Speech : Students And Students Essay

1196 Words Sep 16th, 2015 null Page
Professor Adisa’s students and students all around the nation know the feeling of not knowing their identity, it comes from the dense language forced upon them by their teachers. With not knowing the words that are being spoken to them, these young people get lost, feel discouraged, and feel disconnected with their education. Here, Adisa is not scolding these brilliant students, she is scolding the teachers and professors. These people of higher education to not understand the struggle their pupils are going through because the people the students trusted to help them learn, are there nothing more than to teach their class and continue the which probably does not consist of these young scholars. Not only is the time of Adisa writing her essay, I Must Write What I Know So I’ll Know That I’ve Known It All Along was there an absence of the understanding in the classrooms but this is still a problem in the twentieth century. The results have changed a little since Adisa’s time. Instead of the just giving up and not saying anything in class, the students have gone as far as not showing up to class and even dropping out of school all together. Mrs. Adisa had a better approach to teaching her students by wanting to understand how they felt about the material. She makes little comments like, “..I am deeply disturbed by…” (page 54) and “…if we teach them…”. I think this shows that she deeply and truly is concerned by how her young people are feeling. Why are these students loosing…

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