Graduation Speech : Student Teacher Relationship Essay

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2. Student-teacher relationships-To improve my student-teacher relationship the first thing I will do is get to know my students. I need to find out what they like and dislike, and become approachable. This will help me and the student in the long run because we will have some goodwill built with each other, and they may be able to come to me with personal issues that are hindering their learning. The second thing I would do is listen to my students. It is a sort of dictatorship in the classroom as a teacher, but I feel it is important for students to have some say, or at least feel that they have some say in what we are doing. If they have a problem with something either academically or with school policy they can address the class. This shows the students that their ideas can be valued, and it fosters an overall positive environment in the classroom. The third thing I would do is not have classroom favorites. It is natural to favor some people over others, but this cannot happen in the classroom. When tasks have to be done I need to give all students a chance to accomplish the task and not favor one over the other. Students will notice this, and their self-esteem will drop, which in turn will cause their grades to suffer.
3. Planning, instruction, and assessment- To improve this the first thing I would do is a have bell ringer every day that gets the classes attention. It is easy for the bell ringer to become boring for me and the students. Fun videos or activities that…

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