Graduation Speech : Student Success Essay

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When I began college, my circumstances were different than most. I was twice the age of the average freshman, a single mom with four children at home, and domestic violence survivor. After completing most of 9th grade my ADHD reached a point I couldn’t handle the “chaos” of public school any longer, so I quit. Later I earned an adult diploma, but my confidence concerning anything related to school was non-existent.
UVU has a requirement that all beginning freshmen must talk to an academic advisor before registering for any classes. Grudgingly, I went and told her my story, hopes, and fears; definitely more than was needed. My advisor explained I needed to take a student success class with Tiffany Youst. She then looked up and wrote down the CRN#, made sure I didn’t need anything else, and sent me on my way.
Student Success turned into my favorite class. I learned how to “do” school. The two class mentors helped facilitate as well as being available if students needed help with anything. Shadow and Shyanne were half my age yet I looked up to, respected, and wanted to be like them. Before the semester was over becoming a mentor had become my goal.
The next semester I took Leadership Mentoring 1, which “Provides the theoretical base and hands-on training in leadership and mentoring techniques for peer mentors, assists them in developing their own self-awareness and learning strategies, and explores methods for facilitating these in others. Explores teaching/facilitating…

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