Graduation Speech : Student Loan Debt Essay

804 Words Sep 21st, 2016 4 Pages
The average Class of 2016 college graduate in the United States had $37,172 in student loan debt ("U.S. Student Loan Debt Statistics for 2016 | Student Loan Hero."). College is a huge endeavor that requires great amounts of money, time, and effort. Why do college students choose to put themselves through this great ordeal? It is different for each student, but I have chosen the 3 major factors that influenced my decision.
First of all, I decided college would be the best way for me to secure a good future for myself and my future family. Career opportunity is widened exponentially when you have a college degree. In today’s world it is seemingly impossible to find a high-paying job without a college education. The average salary of someone with a bachelor’s degree in 2015 was 45,500 dollars a year, while the average salary for a high school graduate was 23,900 dollars a year ("How Much More Do College Graduates Earn Than Non-College Graduates?"). I plan on getting married and starting a family which will require funds from some source. I also want to live a comfortable lifestyle where money is never an issue for my family. I see the costs of college (money, time, and effort) as an investment in my future.
My next reason for coming to gain a college education was to further explore what I want to specialize in. Getting a degree not only widens your horizons for jobs, but it also helps you decide on what career is best for you. College has so many opportunities that will help…

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