Graduation Speech : Student Choice Essays

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In some educational settings across the country, student choice, especially when selecting courses, is becoming increasingly rigid. Even with elective courses, school systems are adding requirements to fulfill perceived needs, such as financial literacy and technological skills. Some school systems are experimenting with expansion in elective options, but most of those programs involve online instruction only. With reports of decreased motivation and reductions in student engagement as the high school years progress, one solution is to regard all courses as elective.
Many current situations in course planning are extremely structured and do not allow for many modifications as the years progress. Teenagers are at a height of physical, social, and mental transformation and development, therefore their course choice opportunities should be able to change, as well. Schools do offer electives to fit the interests of their students, but at times there are rules and exceptions; new courses are required, leaving less and less options for student choice. These elective restrictions are also added to the fact that students must take a certain number of four core courses, in a set order, with few exemptions, except when working with advanced or modified diploma candidates. Students come to school with interests, motivators, and goals, yet the courses that are required do not always fit student needs. This is where the disinterest sets in and motivation diminishes. As Myles…

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