Graduation Speech : Splitting Truth Essay

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Splitting Truth January eighth twenty-sixteen, a day I will not soon forget; the day of my school’s winter sports pep rally. The pep rally did not start till two-thirty in the afternoon, so the morning started out as every morning did. Going from class room to class room learning about postmodernism, presidential race process, “The Sickness Unto Death” by Soren Kierkegaard, and the central nervous system. The day went by routinely without any type of surprise. After all those classes a few of us seniors had study hall before the pep rally. I did not want to work on homework on a Friday afternoon nor did I want to sit there for the whole hour before the rally started. I became proactive and helped set up the stage for the rally so it would start smoothly. I grabbed my ear buds and my phone and went upstairs to the sanctuary where we held our bi school wide activities. I made six different trips up and down the stairs of my school grabbing tables, chairs, and a whiteboard. I had the whole hour to set the stage up so I took my time and listened to Celtic music while I worked. I finished working with twenty minutes till class ended so I went and had a conversation with a teacher for the remainder of the time. He and I conversed about the basketball game we had the night before and we figured out a day when I could come over to his house and spend time with his family. After our time together the bell rang and all the students made their way upstairs to the sanctuary to begin…

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