Essay on Graduation Speech : Special Needs

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your thought process of students with special needs evolving from when you first walked into the room and as you are leaving the room. It is remarkable what they are saying.

When they walked into the room they thought this was going to be waste of their time and I am not a special education teacher, what do I need to know about this for. When they walked out, what they knew, they filled a page of what they knew they liked about law, procedures, expectations and everything that they needed. Most of them said that they wished they had this class sooner.

Interviewer: That is really exciting.

Ann: So, I am real pleased with that, but I am still going to make some changes for the next time I teach it and I think it can get even better; I just have to figure that out.

Interviewer: I like that you bring that up because you mentioned earlier that there were a few things that you wanted to tweak and then again that there are still a few things. How do you evaluate a strategy like that, so that you know, okay I am going to keep it exactly as it is, I need to change it a little bit or this did not work and you need to do something else completely. What are some things that you find yourself noticing or thinking about, that help you know that you need to change it.

Ann: First, I look at my community of learners and I get to know what their needs are. I have an assessment class and the students were not in the classroom all of the time, so this was a challenge for me. My…

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