Graduation Speech : School Uniform And Violence Essay

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In this memo I am required to analyze prior writing and to explain my prose style problems. Should review it by achieving the purpose requirement. I chose one of the longer essays that I have written about “School uniform and violence”. By applying the concepts to support audience and purpose. I will split the memo in four main segments and explaining each. How to be concise, be precise, be direct, and stress emphasis.

Be concise:

To be concise is to write only the words that meet your purpose of writing and the needs of your audience to understand the purpose. That every word in a sentence is necessary in it place. I found many unnecessary used words through my paper. For example, in this sentence I don’t need “on the other hand”. This phrase didn’t help the reader to understand the sentence more.

“On the other hand, Tyler Long suicide after failing to stand against his bullies at school.”

Even in this example, I have noticed unnecessary words that should avoid.

“Students who cannot afford trendy clothes often are those how being bullied because of their appearance.”

Redundant words take space in the writing. I should write the sentence as

“Students get bullied because of their appearance.”

These words weren’t necessary through the sentence and make the reader confused. With removing the unnecessary words, the essay will be more concise in showing the idea of the writer.

Be precise:

Being precise is one of the most important guides for writing, which means…

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