Graduation Speech : School Should Be Seen As A Foundation That Helps Prepare The Students

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1. Dewey wrote "My pedagogic creed" over a century ago, what aspects do you see are relevant in contemporary schooling? Why? I believe that there are some aspects that I see relevant still up to this day in schooling. Up to this day no matter our age, we are still preparing for our future by teachers/ family/ or mentors telling us what to do. I remember back in middle school/ high school we were told to always do our best and use everything we can to ensure that we have to be ready for the future. I agree with Dewey when he explains the following, “I believe that education, therefore, is a proves of living and not a preparation for future living.” I agree because now a day it seems that kids are being told that they need to go to school to have a better life, without explaining in what ways that is possible. I disagree with what the kids are being told because school should be seen as a foundation that helps prepare the students. I feel that at school the students are presented information on a subject and not values or beliefs because that should be shown at home. Many parents need to understand that the schools will not be the one responsible for raising their kids. Dewey points that as well, that the values should be bound at home. The only idea that I feel that has changed is the part where Dewey talks about the examinations. Based on his articles the exam should determine where the student is based on his score and not on any other ideas. Exam scores should be used to…

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