Graduation Speech : School Of Mines Essay example

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Summet Entry Essay Colorado School of Mines has always been a school I’ve heard of and dreamed of, but never in a million years did I ever believe it would become a possibility. As middle school flew by and now my high school career is more than half way over, it was time to start chasing after my future. I began looking into programs to further my understanding of certain fields when I came across the Summet program offered at Mines. As I began looking more into the program and I knew I would be setting my personal standards too low if I did not attempt to gain admission into such a program. Throughout all of my school math and science have always been my strong points. Starting in 6th grade I started taking advanced math classes and continued to do so through high school. I took your usual biology and chemistry classes, but it was not tell this year that I developed a strong passion for science as well. Taking AP Environmental Sciences and CP Physics transformed my days at school from mediocre, to exciteful. Because of this, I looked into other programs. On January 20th, 2015 I am attending a meeting for Chemical engineers as a prospect engineer where I am going to be introduced to engineers as well as learn about the specifications of the field and the work required to get there. I think I have the passion for math and science that it takes to carry out a successful career in a field such as engineering. Also I believe my motivation and determination for success will…

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