Graduation Speech : School Education Essay

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With all of this emphasis placed on reading, I wasn’t really exposed to writing until the end of my primary school education which hindered my writing incredibly. I remember being in fourth grade and having all of these creative writing assignments that I was making less than average grades on, and being frustrated because this was the first time that I wasn’t exceling at something. At that time my imagination was expressed through reading fantasy stories instead of writing them. I was fascinated with the stories that I read and that my class mates wrote, but I could never produce material that was equivalent without copying parts or thoughts of other people’s stories, and I wanted to be completely original. After fourth grade, the writing kind of died down until I got to junior high, where it became one of the most important things taught in my English classes. Like most public schools across America, my home town of Montgomery Texas, taught to a test. Whether it was the TAKS, STAAR, or just the AP test, our curriculum was centered around standardized tests. To me, a student, it felt like my classmates and I were being shuffled from school to school no matter if we were prepared or not. Junior high was just to prepare you for high school, and high school was just to prepare you for the AP test/ college, but mostly the AP test.
Like Alexie, I am frustrated with my experience with one of my biggest literary sponsors: school. Even though he had his father as a positive…

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