Graduation Speech : School And University Essay

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School and University play an important role in our lives to become a successful person. At the age of six years, we are introduced to school, and it becomes our second home. It will be very strange for a few days, but then it becomes an integral part of our life. However, university life is different; we are mostly aware of academic life in our last years of high school that follow us after we are graduated from high school. In a university, we decide our future goals by deciding our majors. Transitioning from school to university is a part of the transition from childhood to adulthood. There are many differences and similarities in school and university.

First, the cost at a university is very high, and very few students can afford to study in the universities. Whereas, it is free to attend a high school. University tuition fees start harshly from 10000 Afs and winds up to 90000 Afs per term in the private universities. The government funds many high schools, so high school student do not need to pay a fee. Most of the students in universities come from far provinces, and they have to find a place to live; therefore, they have to rent a room for the living, in contrast, high school student does not need the rental rooms as they live with their families. Study tools are another factor for university students. Each subject has different textbooks, and they are very expensive. Students have to purchase textbooks recommended for the course to pass the exams; on the other…

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