Graduation Speech : School And Education Essay

1488 Words May 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Going to school and education have always been exceedingly important to me, from the very beginning. Over time, I have come to love education for myself, and appreciate the many doors it opens for a stable future. So, it has always been troubling to me when I come across students of my own age and race- who don’t share that same appreciation. Of course, people aren’t always going to enjoy the mind crashing labor that comes with school- but I figured that there would at least be some level of regard for public education- especially in a school like TC Williams. At really no cost to students, we have at our disposal computers, a full library, free college courses and free industry certification exams- it is virtually impossible to not succeed here. With all of these opportunities afforded to students, one cannot ignore when their fellow classmates aren’t taking advantage of these assets. As I escape the classroom to use the restroom or complete another small task, constantly I find the same people roaming the same hallways, instead of being in the classroom- and often find these students in the company of administrative staff more frequently than with their own teachers. Moreover, these same kids miss class time to due to their excessive suspensions for small behavioral offenses (tardiness, inordinate absences, classroom interruption) and are then redirected to alternative education programs. This observation bears the question, “Why don’t these students just go to class?”…

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