Graduation Speech : Renewing Civic Education Essay

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Renewing Civic Education
One of the questions students are asking these days is “What do I want to get out of my education?” At the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester, I was introduced to the article “Renewing Civic Education: Time to restore American higher education’s lost mission” written by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann and Harry Lewis.
This semester I volunteered at the Humane Society and at the Honors Service Retreat. At the Humane Society I typically play with and socialize the cats. While at the Service Retreat, I helped make tie blankets for the Linus Project, which donates them to children in the hospital fighting cancer, and making holiday cards for the elderly that are in nursing homes.
One of the things that really stuck with me from the service article was this, “Action. Civic learning is about the effect of human decisions on other people and on society at large.” The reason this stuck with me is because so often now days we see people taking ‘action’ by posting things on Facebook and raising awareness, but in reality this is just a cop-out. Considering they typically forget about it the next week, there is not too much that actually progresses by their ‘effort’. They may inspire one or two people to look into the issue and then actually do something about it, but the majority of young adults today do not really take action. I, too, have been a part of this inaction. As I get closer to leaving the university I have realized that I need to take action and do…

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