Graduation Speech : Personal Goals And Time Management Boundaries

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Year One: Path to Finding My Degree

As an incoming freshman, I’d like to start off the year on a good note, by setting personal goals and time management boundaries. Considering the fact that I’m going to the first semester of college, I want to set three goals in order to set myself up for success. For instance, I would like to study more, declare a major, and go see as many productions as I can. If I achieve these goals in a reasonable time, I believe I can further myself as a student while living in the dorm.

My first goal is to study at least four to six hours a week for my five classes. In the past have had problems with studying in terms of subjects regardless of whether they were interesting or boring, which made my grades suffer. This is an enabling goal, because being able to study, will apply to my entire college experience and I will likely be studying in one way or another for the rest of my life. To achieve this goal, I will start make a schedule for studying this upcoming week in order to manage my time well. Additionally, I will put more time into my homework, especially the chapter readings by creating flash cards and detailed notes in order to understand the content to the fullest. Considering the fact that I want to become a Residential Assistant or more commonly known as an RA in the dorms, I need to become a little more socially inclined. For me to address this certain obstacle in my path, I will join the Residence Hall…

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