Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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There 's this chemistry between Lehasa and me.

He gets me. You know what I mean.

I 'm starting to doubt my future with Enos.

Did you forget to inform me that I have a meeting with Miss Ramabu?

- She didn 't make an appointment.
- Make an appointment like everyone else.

This is the R1,800 you paid for the fridge.
Take it.

I 'll raise the price.

Give me...


- Take it or leave it.
- Terminator, help me take this fridge.

I don 't care if you 're Terminator, Chuck Norris or Rambo. You 're not taking this fridge.

Touch it and you 'll see.

You 'll see!

We don 't owe you anything.

Take it and let 's go.

Hey, hey, hey!

We don 't need to give Malebana any more reasons to come after us.

Let 's go before we do something we 'll regret.
Let 's go.

Yes! Go!

My boy!

People think I 'm raising an idiot...

but I 'm raising a soldier.

- I 'm almost done.
- It 's fine.

I said, 'It 's fine ', Katli!

Okay. I was just trying to help.

Sorry. It 's just...

The idea of going back to that hospital is frustrating.

But, Mma, you have to.

No, I don 't have to do anything.

That so-called hospital manager thinks Turfloop
Hospital is the only hospital in the world.

Has he even looked at my CV?

- I could work anywhere in the world.
- Charity...

please calm down.

What Mr Kgomo did was embarrassing...

but you must look at the bigger picture.

So you want me to go and beg him, Mma?
No, I can 't!

I gave my soul to that place. Anyway, who 's he to tell me to make an…

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