Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

764 Words Feb 25th, 2016 4 Pages
“I have to get out of here.” I thought as soon as I opened my eyes. I was woken up from a hit in the face by a half-awake Brooke, telling me that my sister was calling me. We 've been in Alabama for four days and we leave tomorrow morning. I cannot wait to be home. This trip has not been at all how I wanted it to be. We 'd been planning this trip for months. It 's a graduation present from my mom and uncle. As part of the gift, I got to bring two friends. Of course I chose to bring my two best friends Brooke and Gabi. I was expecting this trip to be full of excitement and new memories to take with me to college, but I feel as if all my friends want to do is sit at the hotel and do nothing. The first couple of days were enjoyable following the 12 hour drive from Texas to Alabama. We went to some shops, tried out a local pizza place and hit the beach for hours on end. Unfortunately, after the first day, Brooke had a really harsh sun burn. Disregarding what everyone told her, she kept going outside to the beach with us. It didn 't get worse until we decided to go to the zoo on the third day. Her sunburn had gotten the best of her that day and she stopped hanging outside with us and started sleeping all the time. I was accepting of that because I still had Gabi to hang out with. However, before long, she started staying in with Brooke, leaving me alone with my family. I guess I really shouldn’t be too agitated by it, but I am. I just feel like this whole trip has been…

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