Essay on Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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Most of it is my own doing; both the bad and the good. There isn’t much that I could blame others for at the end of the day. Anyway I think it was the middle of the 8th grade when the actions I took would later affect how I did in high school.

I remember the middle of 8th grade when my school and academic life quietly, but quickly, descended into chaos. I was pulled out of my private school and left at home. It was terrible timing; math had begun to make sense and my grades were rising towards a rich academic future. At the same time we moved back to our old house in Gary of all places from our small home next to the school in Schererville.

I did not like the idea of homeschooling. I loved school, not because I was good at it or that I was some social butterfly, but because the people there loved me and in return I loved them. At my old school everybody knew everyone and got along great with each other (my grade at least). Being torn away from them was like being shot through the heart.

The homeschooling program was called K12 (the courses that matter cost money too).To make matters worse the people (I think they might have secretly been robots) that controlled the course assignments put me in the wrong math ( almost 2 levels above my current math) and took their sweet time sending us materials for school. In the end, it took 6 months before we could actually start schooling and by then I had already hated this program with all of my heart and soul. It was at this…

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