Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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On an ebullient morning Jason wakes up to get ready for school. This is Jason’s Last week of school before graduation this Saturday and his dad is so proud of his only son graduating. Jason’s mother passed away about 5 years ago. He tells his father all the time that my mom is my motivation to work hard at what I want. Rev. James, Jason’s dad, is in the car waiting to take him to school. Jason finally makes it out the house and they proceed to the school. Awaiting him to get out the car is Jason’s friends, who have been friends since there were in elementary. The bell rings, for the students to report to class. Lunch time has arrived and they all meet up for lunch, and Jason asked what are you guys parents getting yall as a graduation gift. They all replied, “A car or truck, but I know it’s going to be a vehicle.” Jason replied, my dad hasn’t even asked me what I wanted for a graduation gift, but I’m going to hint at it all week. They finished eating lunch and home. After getting home Jason sees his dad in his work study and said, “Dad, it be nice to add some wheels with my license.” His dad replied in true enough time you will get a car, I don’t know how soon. Jason says, “Ok dad,” and head up to his room. He can’t help but continue to think about what his dad said. He follows his self-belief that graduation will be great and that his graduation give will be even sweeter. In a relieved state of mind, Jason goes out with a friend to pick up some last min graduation items.…

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