Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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Swinging back and forth on her old screeching swing was our favorite thing to do. From singing Italian songs to watching dancing with the stars close to ten o 'clock at night was our everyday routine. I would run off of the school bus just to see my great gram and eat her amazing macaroni and cheese. Viola Bartock was once the liveliest great grandmother you would ever meet. After a while I began to realize that grandma Vi was starting to seem different to me, but I didn 't pay that big of attention to it. I just figured that she was getting older, and that it 's normal for older people start to lose some of their memory. One day I was listening to my grandmother Rose talk to my mother on the phone. "Jaime, something is not right with Viola, she can 't seem to remember anything and she couldn 't remember my name the other day." She remarked. My mother just told her it was just Vi getting old and that it was probably nothing. At that time I was young, so I had no clue what was actually happening to her. One night on a Friday my dad gets a call from my pap. "Richard, we are at the hospital with Vi. There is no need to panic, we just wanted to let you know Vi had an incident." he explained. "Is she going to be okay? What do you need us to do? We will be there shortly," he asked panicked. "Everything is fine don 't worry just get a good sleep and come up in the morning." said Pap. Around eight o 'clock that night my great gram fell going upstairs to her room. At the time I…

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