Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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* couple days later *

It is Friday and I am happy because it is my first weekend being at this school. I am so tired of all the new kid stuff already. I want to actually learn where I am going and have the teachers leave me alone. Just because I get good grades that does not mean I want to answer all of your questions. That also does not mean that I am going to pay ang attention to you at all. The past couple of days I have been meeting up with yoongi and hoseok in the library. We mostly talk about what we are going to do. When I say we I mean them and I just sit there and listen or read. I been good at avoiding talking about the past for now. But it is getting harder to change the subject, so I am afraid that we are going to have that talk sooner than later. I am not to sure how I feel about today at all. We are staying over at hoseoks for the weekend. This way we can start learning the dances we are going to be doing for gym. I wanted to get out of it but one they can not find another place for us to use. And also I am not one to leave all the work to one person. I 've talked it over with my brother. It seems that his girlfriend is coming over for the weekend and next week. So my brother is willing to take care of our father. My brother likes to put up a good boy front for his girlfriend. He tells her all these lies like the reason he does not have a job is because he is taking care of our father knowing he does nothing. So his girlfriend being the nice person she is…

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