Essay on Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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when i was in first grade i remembered that i hated wearing uniform dresses, reason i wore then was because my mother would only buy me uniform dresses. i wasn 't sure why i didn 't like wherein them all i knew was that they weren 't for me and i hated being in them. in elementary school i appeared to my peers as the “tomboy” only because i liked playing all the sports that had anything to do with a ball. i played and i was quite good at it better then most of the boys. So because of this the female peers that i had would say that i was a “tomboy” me hearing this i began to be influenced by the boys to be more like them, i dresses in polos, capri shorts or pants, and burned all the dresses. this behavior of mine was because i felt since i hated dresses that i needed to be more like a boy because i liked sports, running around, and literally wearing asphalt on my shirt and pants. my parents never questioned by i didn 't like dresses or girls or why i was dressing the way i was dressing, they just let it be a stage of my life and they knew one day it would pass. this short anecdote shows two of the three agents of socialization which are family, peers,and mass media. as there are many more moments in my life where it will be all three that are influencing my life, in the anecdote my peers and parents influenced how my life was gonna be today, because if my mom would have forced me to keep wearing dresses because i was a girl then i probably wouldn 't have played sports and…

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